Saturday, November 27, 2010

Review: Submerse - Gundam EP

Submerse - Gundam E.P.
Future Garage / J-Pop (J-Garage?)

1. Gundam
2. Kashoku
3. OVA
4. Passion
5. Full Metal


This is what makes Submerse one of my favorite artists today--you know he grew up watching anime and playing Japanese games like the rest of us. This is a free EP with J-Pop samples, aptly described as "J-Garage" by the man himself.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mixtape #6: Silly Business

Silly Business 
Mixtape Download / 54:10
1. Luke Abbott - More Room
2. Phaeleh - Fallen Light
3. Bonobo - Eyesdown ft. Andreya Triana (Floating Points Remix)
4. A1 Bassline - Breathless (Original Mix)
5. Fantastic Mr. Fox - Sketches (SBTRKT Remix)
6. Daedelus - LA Nocturne
7. SBTRKT - Step In Shadows
8. ??? - Crystalized (Dark Sky Remix)
9. Drop The Lime - Thwomp Stomp
10. Supra1 - Ghoster
11. Raffertie - Rank Functions (Ital Tek Remix)
12. Terror Danjah - All I Wanna ft. Lauren Mason
13. Marco Del Horno vs. Swerve - Ho! Riddim ft. P Money
14. Dark Sky - Leave
15. Girl Unit - Wut
16. Hyetal - Phoenix
17. JME - Famalam
18. Maddslinky - Special (MJ Cole's Back To The Future Remix)
19. Submerse & Resketch - Hold It Down
See Downloads Section
As promised. Another month, another mix!

Friday, November 12, 2010

What do Aphex Twin, Kanye West, and Chris Rock have in common?

This song. Kanye samples one of my favorite songs of all time on his album...

For what it's worth, I think the song/album are fine, though I wish Kanye's samples weren't so pronounced sometimes (and of course Aphex Twin won't get the recognition he deserves).

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Future Sound: An Underground Electronic Music Documentary

Future Sound - An Underground Electronic Music Documentary - HD from Jamie Whitby on Vimeo.

Dir: Jamie Whitby & Rachel Lob-levyt // UK // 2010

Future Sound is a short documentary that looks into a small cross section of London's forward-thinking underground dance music scene, exploring some of the things that define and affect it as it moves into a new age of digital innovation.

Featuring interviews with Roska, Scratcha DVA, Blackdown, Mark Fisher, and Lisa Blanning, plus footage from a live SBTRKT DJ set.

Single Sundays #2

Sorry for the absence of posts lately. Here's another batch of tunes. Expect a November mix next!


Terror Danjah - All I Wanna ft. Lauren Mason

Teen Daze - Everywhere

Shuttle - Rotten Guts ft. Cadence Weapon (Gold Panda Remix)

Pretty Lights - Out Of Time

Nosaj Thing - Caves (Teebs Remix)