Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Archive - Londinium

Archive Londinium
Trip-Hop / Downtempo

1 Old Artist
2 All Time
3 So Few Words
4 Headspace
5 Darkroom
6 Londinium

7 Man-Made
8 Nothing Else
9 Skyscraper
10 Parvaneh (Butterfly)
11 Beautiful World
12 Organ Song
13 Last Five


My first exposure to Archive was their soundtrack to the French movie Michel Vaillant, which I spent about 6 years trying to find English subtitles for (Seriously. I finally succeeded though!) I've heard this described as one of the most under-rated and overlooked albums of all time and I can see why. This album is an true experience and crosses many boundaries. It is at times chill, melodic, brooding, hard-hitting, dark, and even playful (there's even some rap) ... There is definitely a surprising amount of beauty and talent at work here.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Delorean - Subiza

Delorean Subiza
Electronic / Indie

1. Stay Close
2. Real Love
3. Endless Sunset
4. Grow
5. Simple Graces
6. Infinite Desert
7. Come Wander
8. Warmer Places
9. It's All Ours


Have been looking forward to this ever since the amazing Ayrton Senna EP last year. The album is a little more toned down than the EP but there is something to love in every song. Full marks!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cinnamon Chasers - A Million Miles From Home

Cinnamon Chasers A Million Miles From Home
Electronic / Indie

1. I Like Watching You
2. Jetstreams
3. Wishing For The Fire
4. The World Is Yours
5. Candle Lights
6. Adored
7. Luv Deluxe
8. Modern Love
9. Ray Of Sun
10. Ultraviolent
11. White Flag
12. Your Heart Isn't Open Anymore
13. Sentimental


WHAT THE?!?! Where did this come from!? Who is this Russ Davies guy?!? And how did he manage to make like the catchiest album I've heard all year??? Okay I say that a lot but sometimes I feel like I actually mean it and this is one of those times yeah?? This is part electronic, part shoegaze, part indie, part chillwave, part super-sappy pop music which means it is 500% good! (You can skip the first track though.)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Breakage - Foundation

Breakage Foundation
Dubstep / Grime

1. Open Up
2. Hardcore Music (interlude)
3. Hard (feat. Newham Generals & David Rodigan)
4. Digiboy (interlude)
5. Old Skool Ting
6. Squid Bass (interlude)
7. Run 'em Out (feat. Roots Manuva)
8. Temper (feat. Kemo)
9. Over (feat. Zarif)
10. Higher
11. Foundation
12. Justified (feat. Erin)
13. Vial (feat. Burial)
14. Speechless (feat. Donae'o)
15. If (interlude)
16. If (feat. Threshold)


Was a little worried after the Burial track didn't really live up to the hype after it leaked, but it fits into the entire album as a whole pretty well. Surprisingly good.

MGMT - Congratulations

MGMT Congratulations

1. It's Working
2. Song For Dan Treacy
3. Someone's Missing
4. Flash Delirium
5. I Found A Whistle
6. Siberian Breaks
7. Brian Eno
8. Lady Dada's Nightmare
9. Congratulations


An okay album, with awesome album art (for what it's worth). I've really warmed up to the last song though.

Broken Bells - Broken Bells

Broken Bells Broken Bells

1. The High Road
2. Vaporize
3. Your Head Is On Fire
4. The Ghost Inside
5. Sailing To Nowhere
6. Trap Doors
7. Citizen
8. October
9. Mongrel Heart
10. The Mall & Misery


Danger Mouse + James Mercer (The Shins)!!

Bonobo - Black Sands

Bonobo Black Sands
Downtempo / Trip-Hop

1. Prelude
2. Kiara
3. Kong
4. Eyesdown ft. Andreya Triana
5. El Toro
6. We Could Forever
7. 1009
8. All In Forms
9. The Keeper ft. Andreya Triana
10. Stay The Same ft. Andreya Triana
11. Animals
12. Black Sands


A lot of people have been waiting for this for a long time...4 years in the making, and it doesn't disappoint at all!