Friday, March 23, 2012

Distant Distraction / Nov 2011 Mix

sorry- i forgot to post this here . . .
will update with a new mix soon. thanks!


frank ocean - thinking about you (full song in DL)
damu - don't cry in my bed
kidnap kid - shouldn't be alone
maurice donovan - call my name
conqueror - highest order
deadboy - heartbraker (julio bashmore remix)
sully - let you
new york transit authority - off the traxx
eliphino - more than me
blawan - what you do with what you have
kastle - could u want me
pangaea - fatalist
mosca - done me wrong
jacques greene - i like you
scb - overlay
emeli sande - daddy (ifan dafydd remix)
goldffinch - dirty bird (jay weed remix)
prince jean - puma's hung (cbdl remix)
champion - sensitivity
f - slow down
bwana - you never stop
scuba - m.a.r.s. (machinedrum remix)
rustie - after light
kahn - tehran
brenmar - temperature rising
sepalcure - pencil pimp


markus said...

nice mixes bro..

randomly found your blog today lookin for visvim americana's lol


check my mix haha..

1. Zomby – Lucifer
2. Holy Other – Yr Love
3. Untold – U-29
4. Virgo Four – Its a Crime (Caribou Remix)
5. Hyetal – Phoenix (Fantastic Mr Fox Remix)
6. Pearson Sound – Stifle
7. Daphni – Ahora
8. Jamie XX – Far Nearer
9. Objekt – Cactus
10. Boddika & Joy O – Swims
11. LV – Northern Line
12. Mosca – Bax
13. Blawan – Getting Me Down
14. Teeth – Lowcut Champagne
(James Blake – CMYK)
15. French Fries – Champagne
16. James Blake – CMYK
17. Girl Unit – Wut
18. 50 Cent – Ayo Technology
19. Joe – Claptrap
20. Zed Bias – Music Deep Inside
21. Floating Points – ARP3
22. Four Tet – Pyramid
23. Mosca – Orange Jack
24. B15 Project – Girls Like Us (Maddslinky Remix)
25. The Bamboos – Keep Me in Mind (Randomer Remix)
26. Jimmy Edgar – Physical Motion
27. Aquarius Heaven – Universe
28. ASAP Rocky - Leaf

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