Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Archive - Londinium

Archive Londinium
Trip-Hop / Downtempo

1 Old Artist
2 All Time
3 So Few Words
4 Headspace
5 Darkroom
6 Londinium

7 Man-Made
8 Nothing Else
9 Skyscraper
10 Parvaneh (Butterfly)
11 Beautiful World
12 Organ Song
13 Last Five


My first exposure to Archive was their soundtrack to the French movie Michel Vaillant, which I spent about 6 years trying to find English subtitles for (Seriously. I finally succeeded though!) I've heard this described as one of the most under-rated and overlooked albums of all time and I can see why. This album is an true experience and crosses many boundaries. It is at times chill, melodic, brooding, hard-hitting, dark, and even playful (there's even some rap) ... There is definitely a surprising amount of beauty and talent at work here.

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