Sunday, June 6, 2010

EP's Rivet Chino

(Note: Father's Day Gift Idea?)

I like Epaulet (link). On one hand, they are a nicely curated web-store with quite a strong list of brands in stock (including Alden, Gitman Vintage, Mark McNairy, Wm. J. Mills & Co.). What I really like about them though is that, when they find a hole in the market for simple and classic men's garments, they will find way to fill it with a quality product and at a very competitive price point. In this regard they're not so unlike Drew and his ToJ project. Both offer clothing where attention to detail is put at the highest priority, and pricing is always as fair as possible, the difference being that Epaulet does very small stock runs vs. ToJ's made-when-ordered system, meaning Epaulet tends to sell out quite quickly but at least you can have your order within the week.

I was a little on the fence about the styling of their products, though, until they released their EP's Rivet Chino which is right up my alley. Their attention to fabric choice and detail is readily apparent: The cotton is a nice and smooth Pima cotton (link) sourced from the UK, the 8oz fabric is a perfect summer weight, and the fabric has been "Mercerized," (which...uh...apparently makes it stronger), and the entire pant is produced domestically in Los Angeles. As if that wasn't enough, the pockets are a nice hickory-striped contrast fabric, the fly consists of gun-metal donut buttons, and the main seam is taped up for longetivity. But my absolute favorite detail of all on these pants is the natural harringbone twill that runs down the entire inside seam, which beautifully covers up the stitchwork and provides a really eye-catching detail when the pants are rolled up (and for those of you who know me...they always are). Finally, it comes down to the fit, which is a perfect, slightly slim and tapered cut that isn't too tight and provides enough room for comfort. For $135, I think these pants are a steal, and it looks like they've been selling very well. Compared to Uniqlo's very popular vintage chinos (which retail at $40 I think), the price difference may be a bit steep, but this is one of those rare cases where the extra attention to fabric, fit, and detail on the Epaulet chinos makes them worth every extra penny. I honestly can't think of a detail I'd like to have on a pair of chinos that isn't available here.

Buy here, while they're still available: EP's Rivet Chino (Offered in Navy and Khaki)

Sorry if it seems ridiculous to have written so much about a pair of chinos. Its nice to take a break from writing my personal statement, and honestly I love these pants to death. It's not that often anymore that I fine a piece of clothing that feels really special, and really earnestly designed, and I wanted to share that feeling. Expect some more reviews in the future of stuff that makes me happy.


David said...

i'm buying a pair, thanks to your write up.

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