Friday, October 1, 2010

Visvim Americana Deck Folk

I think I've found my absolute favorite shoe of all time, and it's the Visvim Americana Deck Folk. I have worn these nearly every single day for the past 2 months and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. The Americana is sized just large enough to have a more interesting shape than a typical, everywhere-you-look boat shoe, yet not too bulky for everyday wear. The leather and the construction are holding up excellently, more-so than any other shoe I've ever owned. In fact, they got absolutely soaked today in the NY rain and the only noticeable difference is that they're a lot cleaner than they were before. I've been stepped on about 50 times and no encounter has ever left a mark.

Visvim is a favorite of mine because of how much I love the brand and hate it at the same time. Hiroki Nakamura's devotion to detail, heritage, functionality and socklessness (!) place Visvim's footwear among the best and most sought-after in the entire world. On the other hand, exorbitant prices, often-questionable originality and the occasional design misstep make the shoes hard to acquire and the cost hard to justify.

It's a testament to the brand, though, that if I could only stop by one store during a visit to Tokyo it would undoubtedly be F.I.L. I don't think I've ever been able to leave F.I.L. empty-handed, either, and this last trip was no different. I'd long put the Americana as a shoe I would probably never acquire for any number of reasons (timing, proxy costs, etc.) but it turns out F.I.L. had just done a full re-stock. There they were, tempting me, and my love-affair with all things Chromexcel certainly didn't help matters. I mean just look at the damned things.

Yes, Visvim's pricing is hard to justify, and yes, you can get very similar shoes for a very different cost (that's a full-on rip, by the way). But if you don't mind a little break from tradition (and you shouldn't), there's something to be said about the way these feel each time I slip them on, and that happens quite a bit.


-If you're looking for a pair, the cheapest option is to call up a friend or proxy in Japan and have them either visit F.I.L. in person or scour auctions.

-Purchase the shoes a half-size down if possible, even though they fit true to size. They'll be uncomfortable for a bit but they will eventually stretch to a perfect fit. This applies to all Chromexcel footwear, given the leather's pull-up--purchase them too large and you risk marking the vamp with the edge of your toes. 


Jimmy said...

These are the shoes I'm looking for. Can't find them anywhere here in the states. what do you think my best bet is. Also what's the chance of finding them in a size 12? email if you know anywhere I can get them. Thanks!

Ray said...

Great looking shoes man. I'm here in the states so I'll never get 'em unfortunately. Worn by God, better known as Eric Clapton, himself (as well as the Hockney Folk).

Anonymous said...

Fit TTS or can downsize ?

Anonymous said...

My wife is going to Japan in March and I told her to get me a pair of visvim (the americana). My shoe size is 11 but several people in other websites have different opinions about visvim sizes. Should I tell her to get me a 10.5, or 11?

Anonymous said...

NIB on eBay now usa size 11 or 11.5 D. 12/4/15