Monday, April 19, 2010

Foals - Total Life Forever

Foals Total Life Forever
Indie/Rock/Math Rock

1 Blue Blood
2 Miami
3 Total Life Forever
4 Black Gold
5 Spanish Sahara
6 This Orient
7 Fugue
8 After Glow
9 Alabaster
10 Two Trees
11 What Remains


One of my most anticipated albums of the year (I feel like I'm saying that all the time this week). I loved 'Antidotes' but the way Foals took their signature sound (insect-like guitars and all) to pretty incredible heights on "Spanish Sahara" and the small previews they provided online kept me counting the days until TLF was [released]. The new album is much more polished and varied than the first, and a lot warmer in tone, but the hyper-energetic feel of 'Antidotes' has certainly been turned down here and I feel like a lot of people will miss it. In my opinion, though, this album has a larger range than the first and is stronger for it. None of the tracks really reproduce the epic build-up of "Spanish Sahara," which is probably for the best anyways. I enjoy nearly every song on the album though, and I find myself getting caught up in them just when I'm about to dismiss them as okay.

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NNing said...

i might have to check out this band. you're right, the anticipation makes the end so amazing.

and yes, i have still have little fashion sense. all looking and no touching D: i checked out rick owens; from what little i've glimpsed so far,his 2006/2007 collections are just amazing.

have you seen picnic yet? some of rick owens' pieces could definitely fit in that movie, haha.