Thursday, April 15, 2010

Supercar - Highvision

Supercar Highvision

1. Starline
2. Warning Bell
3. Storywriter
4. Aoharu Youth (Album Version)
5. Otogi Nation
6. Strobolights (Album Version)
7. I
8. Yumegiwa Last Boy (Album Version)
9. Nijiro Darkness
10. Silent Yaritori


An incredible album. Post-rock elements mixed with starry electronica and a healthy dose of infectious J-pop catchiness. This album gets its fair share of haters for straying too far from the post-rock establishment but whatever; post-rock always seems to attract the most uptight of music fans anyways. I wouldn't be surprised if Supercar's decision to pursue electronic music is, for them, akin to putting auto-tune on a folkish indie band or something (I'm looking at you, Nick Thorburn). Anyways, I love something about almost every song so this one is definitely worth a listen. And this video reminds me of Ellegarden, which makes me happy:

Supercar and Ellegarden...come back :(

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NNing said...

total nostalgia. good stuff.