Friday, April 9, 2010

Future Islands - In Evening Air

Future Islands In Evening Air
Post-punk/New Wave

1. Walking Through That Door
2. Long Flight
3. Tin Man

4. An Apology
5. In Evening Air
6. Swept Inside
7. Inch of Dust
8. Vireo's Eye

9. As I Fall


Another great creation from the not-always-so-great town of Baltimore. "Wave Like Home" is one of my favorite songs on "A: Reminiscence," so I knew this album wouldn't disappoint. I've never had a chance to see them in person, but this album tells me I should try to catch a show I before I leave. I'm not entirely sold on the singer's voice (Okay, this is kind of mean but he sort of sounds like Weezy on 'Long Flight') but the instrumentals and melodies are engaging enough to make up for it.

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