Thursday, September 9, 2010

Burial/Kode9 Farewell Mix for Mary Anne Hobbs' Final Show

After 14 years at BBC Radio 1, Mary Anne Hobbs performed her last show earlier tonight with a guest mix from Burial & Kode9, capping a few weeks of farewell mixes from incredible guest artists (Skream, Joker, Digital Mystikz, Ramadanman and Shackleton). Having Burial come out of his trademark radio silence was the most memorable and appropriate ending she could have given her show, given that Burial (on Kode9's Hyperdub) and Mary Anne Hobbs are arguably the two most responsible for dubstep's rise in popularity over the years.

Download the mix here

1. Speedy J – Tesla
2. Zomby – Natalia’s Song
3. Brandy – Never Say Never (El-B version 1)
4. Brandy – Never Say Never (El-B version 2)
5. Brandy – Angel (X-Men vocal mix)
6. Laurie Spiegel – Voices Within – A Requiem
7. Alena – Turn It Around (Hard House Bantons
8. Cooly G – He Da Biz
9. Theo Parrish – Soul Control feat. Alena Waters
10. KMFH aka Kyle Hall – Girl U So Strong (Wild Oats)
11. Terror Danjah – S.O.S.
12. Darkstar – 2 Chords
13. Prince – Condition of the Heart
14. Erykah Badu – Telephone
15. Foul Play – Being With U Rmx
16. A Guy called Gerald – Silent Cry

I won't talk too much about the mix, because it needs to be heard for itself. I just finished listening to it and all I can say is it's incredible. It is every bit as atmospheric as one would expect from Burial, and even though it doesn't feature any new tunes by the artist his trademark ambience and haunting samples tie the entire thing together. This is definitely late-night listening material, to be enjoyed in the solitude of one's home.

If you have even a passing interest in the genre and you haven't listened to Burial's "Untrue," or Mary Anne Hobb's "Dubstep Warz" show, don't miss out. They are undoubtedly the sounds of a genre coming into it's own, and tonight the two came together to mark, and celebrate, the end of an era.


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