Sunday, September 5, 2010

Salem - King Night

Salem King Night (2010)
Witch House / Goth Juke / Drag / ??? / Triangles and Shit

1 King Night
2 Asia
3 Frost
4 Sick
5 Release Da Boar
6 Trapdoor
7 Redlights
8 Hound
9 Traxx
10 Tair
11 Killer


Depending on who you ask, this is either one of the most original albums of the year or a bad joke that's gone too far. It's hard to write about Salem or the genre without sounding ridiculous, so I won't bother. If you haven't been introduced to them yet, give it a try. You'll either find yourself having a blast, or turning them off pretty quickly. Personally, my favorite thing about Salem is that they're not afraid to show off their influences, from techno, shoegaze, the dirty south, and everything in between. Actually, scratch that, my favorite thing about them is their infamous live performances, which I really hope to catch one day. Anyways, this album is mostly previously released/leaked songs, and some of the new ones have yet to grow on me. It does seem like all of the songs received some much-needed professional mastering, though, which makes them all worth a re-listen. "Redlights" is always the favorite, but I'm quite happy/surprised that "Trapdoor" made the cut as well. Now where's the White Ring album?

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